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Double-rehabilitation program for National Guard of Ukraine’ militaries

NGO specifically developed Double-rehabilitation program for militaries for National Guard of Ukraine. Also, it was adapted for State Border Guard of Ukraine. At the beginning of National Guard of Ukraine creation, two barricade sides united for the sake of the common goal. Soldiers` demoralization decreases the quality of battle missions accomplishment. They need support in order to unite conflicting parties into one team being able to accomplish assigned missions. Special double-rehabilitation program successfully reached this goal.

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The basic of the program is a psychological method used both for practice and rehabilitation of soldiers. For the first time, this method mentioned in descriptions of military training courses of ancient Greek army (Obstacle courses). Nowadays it is used in USA for physical and psychological rehabilitation of Vietnam War veterans; for British Marine Corps training and rehabilitation and by other world army forces. Today it is adapted for Ukrainian military men by our organization.

This method works on psychosomatic level through getting a common experience in extreme circumstances. The program can be held both outdoors in specially equipped places and a sports hall. Exercises aim at developing the skills of teamwork, building effective communication, skills of making quick decisions in irregular situations, confidence-building among team members, etc. This method is adapted depending on a group (individual unit), its specialty and level. Professionals can help the soldiers who are returning from combat zones and have to come back there again after rotation time. They help them to adapt before and after combat missions to normal life, and to accept and "digest" all difficult experience soldiers got. That makes it possible for militaries to increase and direct the vitality to perform combat missions and a desire to return alive.

NGO «Aware People» applied to Lieutenant General Stepan Poltorak. He was the National Guard of Ukraine commander that time. Now he is Ministry of Defense. There was a proposal to organize and conduct comprehensive psychological double-rehabilitation program for his subordinate personnel. There were conducted several studies with three battalions after receiving a positive response and formal written confirmation from him. It happened on a voluntary basis and brought very good results.

One training takes 10 hours only and includes up to 60 people. Program preparation, training camp building, and tests take much more time.

The program consists of practical rehabilitation studies of troops, transfer of method usage experience to military psychologists, which allows solving similar problems in the future independently. In short terms, the program makes possible to achieve the following results:

  • balance emotional state of the troops;
  • reconcile conflicting groups;
  • create a cohesive military unit that can rapidly and efficiently operate under extreme conditions;
  • increase adaptability and stress tolerance;
  • change of attitude to military service: from the desire for personal revenge to the effective implementation of group combat missions and wish to come back alive.

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Video from one of the trainings on the basis of National Guard Training Center:

Resettlers` families psychological support

NGO “Aware People” with the support of UNDP is implementing a project of psychological assistance to settlers’ families. Project consists of:

In cooperation with partner organization, medical center “Sophia”, consultations and support of settlers’ families from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine are being provided. Complex medical and psychological support includes consultations, functional diagnostics and psychotherapy free of charge.

There is also a need for constant medical support which we have no funds for at the moment.

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About Us

Non-governmental organization “Aware People” was founded in 2014 at Maidan time. Its founders were psychologists and doctors volunteering during revolution since December 2013. At the end of February they took part in organizing Maidan medical headquarter. They worked there receiving patients as in the clinic and helping in mobile brigades. At the end of March the work on different projects started.

The main aim of the organization includes psychological and medical projects` realization for Ukrainian citizens, among others – support of those injured at Maidan, victim’s families, military and settlers.

One of the most important directions of “Aware People” work is to organize events aiming at increasing the level of civil awareness about each citizen`s responsibility for his/her physical and psychological health.

“Aware People” are certain that it is impossible to build a free legal state without each citizen`s individual responsibility for his/her life. Thus, there is no reason to wait until officials make our life wonderful and secure. It makes sense to take part in things we can influence, be in places where we want to be and do things we want to happen in our life. We should act like that daily, step by step. Nobody will do it for us and beside us.

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